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Enhance your Briarwood student's academic journey with targeted tutoring that boosts both grades and confidence, paving the way to achieving their full potential.
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Discover Mamy's Math Help
Your Partner in Math Success

Situated near Warrenton, GA, we specialize in elevating math understanding for Briarwood Academy students from grades 3-12.  Whether it's mastering the curriculum, overcoming math anxiety, or excelling in SAT/ACT exams, our tailored approach ensures your student not only improves in math but also grows to love it, laying a strong foundation for future STEM opportunities.

Personalized Tutoring Designed for Briarwood Students

Our one-on-one and group sessions are customized to complement Briarwood's rigorous academic standards, focusing on areas most beneficial for your child's success and confidence in math.
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Our Services
Math Tutoring Tailored for Briarwood Academy

Why Mamy's Math Help is the Choice for Briarwood Families


Year Established

Since 2001, we've been committed to transforming students' approach to math, with a track record of success reflected in over 100 tutored students, coverage of 15 math subjects, and a steadfast satisfaction guarantee.
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Our Pricing Options

One-on-One Tutoring 
(In Person)

Do you prefer individual attention for your child? We’ll come up with a custom tutoring program based on your child’s learning style to help them improve their grades and test scores.
  • Most K-12 Subjects Are Covered
  • Core College Math 
  • Free Trial Session 
  • No Contract
  • Money-Back Guarantee
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Group Tutoring
(In Person)

We also offer small group sessions where students can compare notes and encourage each other. This is a very good option for test prep.
  • Maximum of 10 Students Per Group Session
  • Collaborative & Interactive Learning Environment
  • No Contract
  • Money-Back Guarantee
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Virtual Tutoring

Unable to meet in person for our tutoring program? Our Virtual Tutoring service is the perfect solution.
  • Available for individuals or groups
  • Sessions Conducted Via Zoom
  • Free Trial Session
  • No Contract
  • Money-Back Guarantee
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Flexible Tutoring Options to Fit Your Schedule

Choose from in-person one-on-one, group, or virtual sessions, each offering a tailored learning experience to meet the unique needs and learning styles of Briarwood students.
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Join Our Community of Success
Hear from clients who've seen tangible improvements in their math skills and overall confidence.

“Amy taught both of my daughters and is an awesome teacher & tutor. Highly recommend for sure. My youngest daughter just graduated MSU and is teaching 8th grade math her first year. Amy definitely was a great role model for her."

- Vicki C.
“It’s been a few years but Amy was great help when my son had some trouble with his college math. I also worked with her and saw firsthand how much she cares for her students and their higher learning. I highly recommend her.”

- Carol S.
“Amy tutored my daughter in College Algebra. She made a difficult subject make sense. My daughter looked forward to her tutoring sessions. I highly recommend Amy!

- Alicia C.
"Mrs. Caudill taught me Advanced Math, as well as high school Physics at GCS. Mrs. Caudill is a FANTASTIC teacher and is also one of the reasons I love math. I am now a math teacher myself, thanks to Mrs. Caudill’s ability to help myself and many others understand and enjoy the subject. Mrs. Caudill is patient when teaching and truly wants you to understand how to be successful in the your math courses!"

- Raegan C.
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About Mamy's Math Help

Located in the heart of the CSRA, Mamy's Math Help is dedicated to empowering Briarwood Academy students and the Warrenton, GA, community through excellence in math education. With a deep understanding of local educational standards and the unique needs of students in the area, we provide personalized tutoring services that aim to build confidence, improve grades, and prepare students for academic success. Join us in our mission to make math accessible and enjoyable for every student, right here in our community.

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Location of Services

Warrenton, GA and Surrounding Areas

Phone: 601-562-3280